Going ‘All In’ with Sailor Jerry

The Sailor Jerry brand is deeply entrenched in tattoo, bars and live music culture. We had the opportunity to pitch on a new commercial campaign and were thrilled to score the job.

Upon pitching our treatment for this project, we knew exactly what direction to take; the spot must bleed authenticity, render rich in texture while doused in generous dose of grit.

At the core, our creative is a focus on being an individual, a master of your own craft – this is what the original inspiration for SJ, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins stood for.

‘We wanted to produce a neckhair raising, eyelid peeling piece to capture the true spirit of the Sailor Jerry brand.’ James Tyrrell (Director)

Selecting the right talent was vital in the credibility of our execution of this campaign.  We cast real people in the worlds we were exploring;

Danny, the Tattoo Artist is a specialist in the old school style tattoo which is a defining feature of the SJ brand.

Lucille is a mixologist an ambassador for Sailor, there was no question she was on-board for this project.

Upon casting for the band rehearsal scene, we couldn’t have scored better when we cast Georgia June. Local Sydney rockers who are tearing up the local scene. A perfect fit!

‘Be unapologetic and define yourself on your own terms’

Oh yeah, and that tattoo scene; that was no trickery…there was real ink in the gun!
And Rose will have a permanent souvenir to remind her of the time she filmed with Optika and Sailor Jerry!
William Grant & Sons
Marketing Manager: Andrew Skehan
Brand Manager: Mike Lowe

Optika Team:
Director/Producer: James Tyrrell
DOP: Mike Roberts
AC: Grant Wilson
Gaffer: Jack Gulior
Best Boy: Jess Hayhow
PA / Editor: Sara Wills
Colourist: Billy Wychgel

Camera System: Alexa Mini LF

Tattoo Artist: Danny @ Thirteen Feet Tattoo
Tattoo customer: Rose Wynter
Mixologist: Lucille Rose-Hopkins 
Band: Georgia June