O’Brien Beer – Winter Campaign


Our friends at Rebellion Brewing Company were keen to promote their impressively tasty and award winning Stout and Brown Ale brews for the winter season.

COVID-safe and ready to shoot, our team travelled to Katoomba where our wintery locations awaited.

The creative involved a hike scene, to emphasise a healthy lifestyle and linking it to the benefits in drinking zero gluten beer over traditional options. This was followed by the log cabin scene where we styled a cheese & meat board along with a wintery dinner setting to centre the commercial.

Along with the lifestyle footage, we felt the campaign needed some enticing ‘beer porn’ to tie the product and enjoyment to the action. So we set up a make-shift studio at Optika HQ to film the dark golden liquids in all their glory.

The campaign rolled out in July with multiple outputs and executions. Including 16×9, 1×1, 9×16 and all the social, swipe-up, thumb-stopping fun required for a successful social campaign.